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About Us

Aloha everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that we are back in operation! The Lahaina fires took a devastating toll, consuming my home, four boats, a suburban, boards, equipment, and tools. As the sun set, my puppy and I escaped, watching from a hillside as the town was engulfed in flames. The following day, a friend and I launched a website aimed at organizing and consolidating resources such as donation points, lists of missing persons, clean water sources, and more. In its first week, the site attracted over 8,000 unique visitors, who I hope found the assistance they needed and perhaps discovered unexpected resources.

a man standing on a boat

Boomer, my puppy, and I visited shelters, spurring his journey to become a certified therapy dog. I will forever be in awe of how this island community united to support those in need. With our town in ruins and our community scattered across Hawaii, I contemplated the future of my business. Ultimately, I realized there’s nothing I’d rather do than meet, host, and coach You! Witnessing your children grow up one vacation at a time, sharing in your achievements, and being part of your precious moments with friends and family have been immensely rewarding. Experiencing “I did it”, “Wow that’s beautiful!” and, “Did you see THAT!” moments are amazing. Thank you for letting me join and aid in the most valuable thing on earth:

Your time with friends and family.

MB Boats, the true saints they are, reached out to me before the last flame was extinguished, offering not just emotional support but also reassuring their support in regards to replacing my boat. Their kindness and support have been immeasurable, and I encourage anyone considering a boat purchase to look their way. You won’t be disappointed, and if you come out with me I’m confident you’ll be impressed by our new boat “Phoenix”.


Wake Maui is the fruit of years of dedication by USCG Certified Captain Ryan Hickey, a veteran in wakeboarding, skiing, and an all-around sports enthusiast. Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Ryan’s appreciation for the outdoors only grew with time. After earning a Philosophy degree from the University of Colorado and moving to Maui, he quickly joined Paragon Sailing Charters, advancing to USCG Captain in less than two years. Fueled by ambition, Ryan founded Wake Maui after 18 months of planning and hard work.

Becoming a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain requires extensive maritime knowledge and experience. Ryan has also played a pivotal role in training boat crews and Captains to expertly manage their vessels under the strictest Coast Guard regulations. Rest assured, the Wake Maui team is more than capable of ensuring a safe and memorable experience on the water.

Ryan’s Aloha Spirit shines through in his welcoming nature, inviting guests from all walks of life to explore the beauty of Maui. With a deep respect for the island’s natural wonders, Wake Maui prioritizes sustainability and ecological preservation, offering an unmatched experience that respects our privilege to enjoy such a beautiful location.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring every Wake Maui guest leaves with memories to last a lifetime. Despite challenges like the 2008 recession, COVID-19, and the recent fires, our resolve remains strong. We are grateful for our returning customers, accolades from Trip Advisor, and features in prominent publications.

Aloha & Mahalo… Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please reach out with any suggestions.

Owner/Operator, Capt. Ryan Hickey