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About Us

Wake Maui is the materialization of a dream that USCG Certified Captain Ryan Hickey worked toward for several years. Captain Ryan is a long-time wakeboarder, snow and water skier, snowboarder, and all-around sports enthusiast. Growing up in Missoula Montana, Ryan gained a love and appreciation for all things in the great outdoors. After spending an undisclosed number of years at the University of Colorado, where he graduated with a degree in philosophy, he moved to Maui and quickly landed a crew position with Paragon Sailing Charters–one of the longest-running and highly respected sailing companies on the island. Rising through the ranks to becoming a USCG Captain in less than two years on Maui was not enough for Capt. Ryan. So, after eighteen months of planning & hard work, ‘Voile!’, Wake Maui was born!

a man standing on a boat

Becoming a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain requires years of working on the water, hours studying and testing in all aspects of maritime safety, regulations and navigation. We have also taught literally thousands of kids and adults alike to excel in all sorts of wake-oriented sports. Not only do we teach beginners but Ryan has been tasked with in the past to train boat crews and Captains to handle their boats, customers, and the weather with the most up-to-date Coast Guard regulations and training protocols. In short, you can be assured that you and your family are in capable hands when on board with Captain Ryan or any of the Wake Maui Family.

Aloha Spirit came easily to Captain Ryan, welcoming visitors from all walks of life to feel at home while visiting Maui. His love for the natural wonders on and off the land with all of its creatures continues to grow. Because of this, Wake Maui is run with maximum attention to issues of sustainability, ecological impact on the water and reefs, and just pure old-fashioned respect for the PRIVILEGE it is to live and work in one of the planet’s most beautiful locations.

Our respect for the land and ocean extends to a deep desire to excel in providing each and every Wake Maui customer with the best experience possible. Every effort will be made to ensure your satisfaction. Of course, some things are beyond individual control, like the weather, but you get the point… Wake Maui is in the business of excellence! Frankly, there just aren’t that many other options for experiencing what Maui has to offer in such a personal environment. You certainly can find cheaper options to experience things like Whale Watching and Snorkeling, but not on a boat with only 6 people aboard…

Not only did Wake Maui survive the worst of the recession in 2008 and shut down for almost 8 months for Covid, it thrived. Having customers that come back year after year, being rated number 1 by Trip Advisor for activities in our area at various times, and about 25% of our business is repeat business on the SAME vacation have all contributed . We have been featured in Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Maui Time (cover story), Alliance Wakeboard Online and more!

Aloha & Mahalo… if there is anything we can do to improve our service, please let me know,

Owner/Operator, Capt Ryan Hickey