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All trips include full use of our new boat, a Coast Guard licensed Captain, experienced instruction, and gear such as life vests, boards, and skis. We pride ourselves on our instruction and ability to ease the concerns of parents and new riders. We also include domestic beer, sodas, and water for those who prefer to relax and watch the entertainment.

Come Snorkel with Us!

The warm waters around Maui provide some pretty amazing snorkeling experiences. We provide gear and instruction on all of our trips so you can explore the many spots and wildlife that awaits you just under the surface. Turtles, octopus, eels, rays, and a plethora of fish await you!

We can go near or far to get to the destination you want to go.  Some of the biggest advantages of going with Wake Maui are:

1: Just your group…. If you want to go where no one else is, we can make that happen. Imagine waiting in line with 149 other people to get into the pool.  Doesn’t sound like a nice time at any pool.  Same with the spots we go to.  If you want to get away from the crowds we can do that.

2: This boat is just so sweet! Soft luxurious cushions, a quiet smooth ride that doesn’t smell like diesel or the last fish caught.  It is rated for up to 16 people (We limit to 6 people) so you can spread out and not feel like the guy in his speedo next to you is getting too close. Play your music or just listen to the sounds of the ocean.  You have little ones?  Perfect, let’s play a disney soundtrack and sing along. It is up to YOU!

3: Personal attention. We have at our very worst, a ratio of 6 people to one lifeguard/ instructor.  Meanwhile, on those cattle boats they have maybe 3 people on a surfboard trying to corral 149 people. In that same breath, are you experienced and don’t need someone holding your hand? Then go have fun, you are adults, we can treat you like adults.

4: At your pace:  “We will snorkel here for 1.5 hours”….  Nope, you jump in and want to go somewhere else. No problem at all.  It’s up to you. Get a little chilly? Hop back on the boat and relax or let’s go look at a whale.  It’s your schedule no one else’s.

5: Maximize your Time!  We can get to these locations, set up and get you in the water in a fraction of the time.  Meeting on the beach at the same time, we will get to a spot, get your whole family in the water, have them enjoy their time in the water and be getting the group back in the boat as the big boat just pulls in attempting to tie up.  Your family will be spread out and relaxed after their adventure, not wondering if their wallet or phone is secure, listening to your music and soaking in the sun.  All for about the same price as one of those cafeteria boat experiences.

Wake Maui Boat Rentals