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All trips include full use of our new boat, a Coast Guard licensed Captain, experienced instruction, and gear such as life vests, boards, and skis. We pride ourselves on our instruction and ability to ease the concerns of parents and new riders. We also include domestic beer, sodas, and water for those who prefer to relax and watch the entertainment.


This is so much fun!!!! Wakesurfing is a water sport in which you get pulled up behind our boat at a controlled, comfortable and safe speed to begin riding the boat’s wake or wave without being directly pulled by the boat. After getting up, (which we guarantee with our coaching) you will ride the face of the wave just below the peak just like surfing. There are definitely differences between wakesurfing and normal surfing but for beginners it’s just the ticket.

Some reasons wakesurfing is just flat out better:

  • No Paddling
  • No Coral/Rocks/Sea Urchins
  • No Swell no Problem
  • No Crowds
  • Passenger Participation
  • Family and friends can actually see you up and riding! Facial expressions 🙂
  • Stop and rest at any time
  • And finally, spend your time standing not laying!

We provide special boards and special boats, designed specifically for wakesurfing.